ARMENIA.Hetoum I and Zabel AD 1226-1270.AR.Tram.

Ancient Coins - ARMENIA.Hetoum I and Zabel AD 1226-1270.AR.Tram.
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ARMENIA.Hetoum I and Zabel AD 1226-1270.AR.Tram. ( 2.74g, 22mm, 6h)
Armenian legend "Hetoum king of the Armenians", lion walking right with cross on back, left paw raised.
Reverse.Armenianlegend "by the will of God", in the Byzantine style standing figures ofHetoum right and Zabel left holding between them long cross, star at base.
Ref:Bed.838 var.( obv.legend)
Good very fine, nice style.flan slightly bent.

Notethat Zabel, daughter of Levon the Great, died C.1252 so these issuesshould be circa1226-1252 but the issue might be an immobolized typestruck to the end of the reign.

Bedoukianand Nercessian both have the obverse as the two standing figures.I begto differ the obverse is the lion side with the legend continuing onthe reverse to read " Hetoum king of the Armenians by the will ofGod".This is the formula as found on all the silver coinage of Levon I.
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