CLAUDIUS, SYRIA, Uncertain Caesarea

Ancient Coins - CLAUDIUS, SYRIA, Uncertain Caesarea
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Roman Provincial
SYRIA, Uncertain Caesarea
Claudius. 41-54 AD
AE 27 mm
Bare head right / Zeus seated left holding patera and sceptre; ΚΑΙCΑΡΕΩΝ (city name) to right, ETOYC E (date) to left
11.29 g, 27 mm
RPC I 4085; BMC Lycaonia, etc. pg. 31, 4; SNG von Aulock 6349
There were several cities named Caesarea in the area of Syria/Cilicia/Cappadocia (a popular name in the early days of the Roman Empire).  It is uncertain where this Caesarea was located, or even whether the city kept the name for more than a few years.
Added note: B. Tahberer in The Numismatic Chronicle 175, 2015 has identified this Caesarea as Mopsuestia in Cilicia.
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