Maximinus, Cilicia Philadelphia Æ27 / Zeus

Ancient Coins - Maximinus, Cilicia Philadelphia Æ27 / Zeus
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Attribution: SNG Paris 762 (same dies)
Date: 235-238 AD
Obverse: AVT K Γ I OVH MAXIMEINOC, Radiate cuirassed bust of Maximinus right
Reverse: ΦIΛAΔEΛΦE ωN KHTIΔOC, Zeus standing left, holding phiale and leaning on sceptre
Size: 27.52 mm
Weight: 9.49 grams
Description: Very Fine. A rare mint. There is a glob of metal adhering to both the obverse and the reverse minimally affecting design. The coin is aEF from point of strike and wear. Ex Harlan J. Berk with tag. From the Kelly J. Krizan MD collection with his tag.
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