Hadrian, Cilicia Lamos Æ27 / Zeus Seated

Ancient Coins - Hadrian, Cilicia Lamos Æ27 / Zeus Seated
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Attribution: SNG Levante Sup. 97
Date: 117-138 AD
Obverse: AY[T]OK [PATΩP KAIC AΔ]PIANOC ET: HI, Laureate head of Hadrian right
Reverse: ΛAM MH[TP THC] ΛAM[OV], Zeus seated left, holding thunderbolt and sceptre, eagle at his feet
Size: 27.22 mm
Weight: 8.68 grams
Description: Very Fine. Lamos is a rare city as only 7 examples of Lamos are plated. The coin in Levante Supp. has the wrong inscription listed but the plate shows an inscription consistent with this coin. Ex Henry Clay Lindgren collection. From the Kelly J. Krizan MD collection with his tag.
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