10x Illuminated Magnifier

Ancient Coins - 10x Illuminated Magnifier
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Magnification: 10x
Lens: triplet
Lens diameter: 21mm
Light: 6 White LEDs

I've spent most of my professional (and hobbyist) life looking through microscopes, telescopes, and magnifiers. A number of times I've had the pleasure of finding less expensive instruments that out-perform far more pricy name-brand optics. This hansom magnifier is one such find!

This loupe has become my preferred 'grab-and-go' magnifier. It's the one that accompanies me to shows and classes, while my other far pricier loupe now stays at home. The 21mm diameter lens is a highly corrected cemented triplet. It does an excellent job providing an image that is virtually free of chromatic and spherical aberration. (It's equal to--or only slightly under performs--loupes costing 3-5x as much!)

In addition, this is a lighted loupe. Like other hobbiests, I haven't been too impressed with the recent parade of lighted loupes making the rounds. Again, this magnifier is a cut above those. The 6 LEDs provide an even ring of illumination of the field, at 5500 Kelvin white light, controlled by a small on/off switch. I've found this feature a great asset for illuminating the inside of flan cracks and 'bankers marks', as well as being helpful in evaluating fourees. In addition, it's a big help when ambient light is less than ideal.

The loupe comes in a gift box, along with simulated leather carrying case, and a small flat tool for opening the battery compartment.

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