INDIA, KASHMIR: Sugandha Rani AE stater. Rare.

Ancient Coins - INDIA, KASHMIR: Sugandha Rani AE stater. Rare.
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Hindu rajas of Kashmir
Sugandha Rani (ruled 904-906 AD)
AE stater (18.5 mm, 5.78 g)
Obverse: Goddess Lakshmi seated facing, with Nagari legend Suga(ndha) at right
Reverse: King standing sacrificing at altar, with Nagari legend Devya at right
Ref: Michael Mitchiner, Non-Islamic States & Western Colonies (AD 600-1979), 164-166
Sugandha Rani was one of the two queens to have ruled Kashmir. She ascended the throne after her husband Sankara Varman died in battle and her infant son Gopala Varman was murdered. But her nobles killed her after just two years on the throne.
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