INDIA, DELHI SULTANS: Raziyya billon jital. G&G D104. Rare.

Ancient Coins - INDIA, DELHI SULTANS: Raziyya billon jital. G&G D104. Rare.
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Delhi Sultanate
Raziyya Sultan (ruled 1236-1240)
billon jital (15 mm, 3.24 g)
Mint: Budaun
Obverse: Stylized horseman right
Reverse: Arabic legend al-Sultan al-azam Radiyyat al-dunya wal din
Ref: Stan Goron & J.P. Goenka, The Coins of the Indian Sultanates, D104
Raziyya was the first woman to rule a Muslim kingdom in her own name - anywhere in the world. She was chosen by her father Iltutmish as the most capable person to rule after him, but she faced opposition from her Turkish nobles almost immediately.
Once she ascended the throne Raziyya appeared in public without a veil and took the royal title Sultan, not its female form Sultana. Despite her administrative qualities and the strong public support in her favour, Raziyya was eventually deposed by the nobles who could not stand being ruled by a woman.
Her name Radiyya is clearly visible in the reverse legend. Rare.
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