Cappadocian Kingdom Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Silver Drachm 128/7 BC

Ancient Coins - Cappadocian Kingdom Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Silver Drachm 128/7 BC
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Cappadocian Kingdom, Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Philopator, 129 - 116 B.C.
GS91488. Silver drachm, Simonetta Collection p. 64, 25; Simonetta 14; BMC Galatia p. 35, 3; Cohen DCA 455, F, toned, bumps and marks, 4.013g, 17.7mm, 0o, Eusebeia-Mazaca (Kayseri, Turkey) mint, diademed head right; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ downward on left, APIAPAΘOY downward on right, EΠIΦANOYΣ below, Athena Nikephoros standing left, Nike right offering wreath in extended right, spear and grounded shield in left hand, M inner left; Γ (year 3) in exergue; from the Maxwell Hunt Collection
Ariarathes VI Epiphanes Philopator was a child at his succession. His mother, Nysa, reputedly poisoned his five older brothers to assume power as his regent. After she was assassinated for her crime, Ariarathes' maternal uncle King Mithridates V of Pontus asserted some control over the country by marrying Ariarathes to his first daughter, Laodice. Determined to transform Cappadocia in a satellite of Pontus, Mithridates VI had Ariarathes murdered. On his death the kingdom was briefly ruled by Laodice, but was then seized by her son-in-law King Nicomedes III of Bithynia, who then married her. Nicomedes III was soon expelled by Mithridates VI, who placed Ariarathes VII upon the throne.
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