Item #5156, Arab Sasanian AR dirham 'Abd Allah ibn Zubayr AH 60-73 (680-692 AD), dated AH69 (AD688) Album #16, KIRMAN (KRMAN) mint, Extra-Fine

World Coins - Item #5156, Arab Sasanian AR dirham 'Abd Allah ibn Zubayr AH 60-73 (680-692 AD), dated AH69 (AD688) Album #16, KIRMAN (KRMAN) mint, Extra-Fine
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(Pre-Reform Coinage)
'Abd Allah ibn Zubayr
عبد الله بن الزبير

Reign: Governor 'Abd Allah ibn Zubayr, AH 60-73 (AD 680-692)
Denomination: Silver (AR) dirham
Date Struck: AH 69 (AD 688)
Mint: Kirman (KRMAN) now in Iran
ObverseBust to right, the full name of the governor in Pahlavi legend. "Bism-illah" on the margin with other additional legends.
Reverse: The usual Sasanid reverse with a fire alter in the centre with two attendants on both sides. Pahlavi legends for date (left) and mint (right).
Weight: 4.03 gr.
Diameter: 32 mm.
Reference: Album 16 (RARE)
Grade: good XF
Notes: In the early years of the Islamic (Arab) Empire's expansion to the East, and before the monetary reform of Abd al Malik (AH77), the Arabs adopted the existing Sasanian coinage in the Eastern provinces. The name of the governors replaced the Sasanian king's name and exclamations such as ' bismillah ' (in the name of god), or ' lillah alhamd ' (thanks to god), or ' rabbi ' ( my god) were added to the obverse margins. The mint and date occurs on the reverse as in the Sasanian series.

'Abd Allah ibn al-Zubayr was a member of the Bani Hashim tribe and was born one year and 8 months after the hijra of Muhammad to Madinah. As such, he was the first Muslim child born in Madinah. He was the cousin of Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr. Qasim ibn Muhammad ibn Abu Bakr was the grandfather of Jafar al-Sadiq[5]

Ibn 'Abbas said about him: "his (maternal) grandfather, Abu Bakr was (the Prophet's) companion in the cave, his mother, Asma' was 'Dhatun-Nitaq', his aunt, 'Aisha was the mother of the Believers, his paternal aunt, Khadija was the wife of the Prophet , and the paternal aunt of the Prophet was his grandmother. He himself is pious and chaste in Islam, well versed in the Knowledge of the Quran".

As a young man, Abd Allah was an active participant in numerous Muslim campaigns against both the Byzantine and Sassanid empires. He marched to Sbeitla, Tunisia, the capital of self-proclaimed local emperor Gregory the Patrician. Gregory was defeated and killed in the Battle of Sufetula in 647 CE. He did so well that Uthman ibn Affan nominated him to officially revise the Qur'an. After the death of Uthman ibn Affan, he stayed politically inactive during the civil wars that followed; however when the Umayyad Dynasty came to power and Yazid I became the heir apparent he refused to swear allegiance. (Quoted from wikipedia)

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