Item #13113 Abbasid (Medieval Islam), al-Ma'mun (AH 194-218), Silver dirham, 204AH, Isfahan mint , with Ali ibn Musa al-Rida as heir, RARE, Album 224, DIFFICULT TO FIND!!

World Coins - Item #13113 Abbasid (Medieval Islam), al-Ma'mun (AH 194-218), Silver dirham, 204AH, Isfahan mint , with Ali ibn Musa al-Rida as heir,  RARE, Album 224,  DIFFICULT TO FIND!!
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Abbasids عباسیان

al-Ma'mun  المامون 
علی ابن موسی الرضا 

Reignal- Ma'mun 194-218 AH (AD 810-833)
DenominationSilver dirham
Date Struck204 AH (AD 820)
MintIsfahan (اصفهان ) now in Iran RARE mint
quotation from the Quran 30: 3-4 around the outer margin and in the centre
لا اله الا
الله وحده
لا شرك له
With mint and date on the inner circle
Reverseon the margin you read in Arabic: "Muhammad is the messenger of God. He sent him with guidance and the true religion to reveal it to all religions even if the polytheists abhor it." and in the centre you read: "Allah, Muhammad Rasul-ol lah, al-Ma'mun is the Caliph and Ali ibn Musa al-Reda as the Heir of Muslims" with the name of ذو الرياستين at bottom. There is a letter ع after.
Weight2.96 gr.
Diameter25 mm.
ReferenceAlbum #224 RARE type
GradeVF/XF, nice impressive strike with all details available.

HISTORICAL NOTES: There were disturbances in Iraq during the first several years of al-Maʾmūn's reign, while the caliph was in Merv. On 13 November 815, Muhammad ibn Ja'far al-Sadiq (Al-Dibaj) claimed the Caliphate for himself in Mecca. He was defeated and he quickly abdicated asserting that he had only become caliph on news that al-Ma'mun had died. Lawlessness in Baghdad led to the formation of neighborhood watches.

In A.H. 201 (817 AD) al-Ma'mun forced Imam Reza to move from Madina to Merv. Imam Reza, the Eighth descendant of Muhammad, was named his heir. This was not easily accepted by the Abbasid leaders but was widely seen as a political move by al-Ma'mun since he was fearful of the widespread sympathy towards the Ahl al-Bayt. Al-Ma'mun's plan was to keep watch over Imam Reza. However, his plans did not succeed due to the growing popularity of Ali Al-Rida in Merv. People from all over the Muslim world traveled to meet the prophet's grandson and listen to his teachings and guidance.

After a debate Al-Ma'mun had set up with the greatest scholars of the world's religions to humiliate the Imam, the victorious Imam informed Al-Ma'mun that his grand vizier, Fazl ibn Sahl, had not been informing him of everything. In Baghdad, the people believed that al-Maʾmūn was unseated, because of rumors spread by Fazl ibn Sahl. Because of this the people of Baghdad were giving their allegiance to al-Mamun's uncle Ibrahim ibn Mehdi. Al-Ma'mun set out for Baghdad in 12 April 818. At Tus, he stopped to visit his father's grave. Al-Ma'mun was troubled by the widespread support for the prophet Muhammad's descendant Imam Reza, and the betrayal of his grand vizier. With the aim of gaining Abbasid support and the establish of a new base for his rule in Baghdad, Al-Ma'mun went on to depose of Ali Ar-Rida by administering poison, and arranging the murder of Fazl ibn Sahl. On the last day of Safar in 203 AH, Imam Reza died. Imam Reza was buried beside Al-Ma'mun's father Hārūn al-Rashid. Following the death of Imam Reza a great revolt took place in Khurasan, Persia. Al-Ma’mun tried to show himself innocent of the crime but for all he did, he could not get himself acquitted and prove his innocence. (taken from )

For more information concerning al-Reda's regency, please see:
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