INDIA, KUSHANO-SASANIAN, Hormizd I Kushanshah: Copper drachm, heavy type, with legend of Kawad. SCARCE and CHOICE!

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Obverse Diademed, bearded bust of king right, wearing lion-head crown, topped by a globe or flower, Bactrian legend at right: KaBoo (Kawad), all within dotted border
Reverse Fire altar, with bust of Ahura Mazda emerging at the top, no symbol on the altar shaft
Date c. 270-295
Weight 4.02 gm.
Diameter 18-19 mm.
Die axis 11 o'clock
Reference MAC 1293-94, G�bl 1122 or 1124, Cribb 34
Comments Kawad may have been a local governor of Hormizd, as the bust appears to be of Hormizd, but the insciption on the coin reads Kawad. The coins are scarce to rare, since it is hard to find coins with an identifiable legend. On this coin, we see clearly the whole legend KaBoo (the last being a small Greek delta). Notice also the nice row of dots on the lip of the reverse fire altar. RARE this nice ... a CHOICE specimen!
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