INDIA, Kushan: Mahi Gold dinar, RARE and CHOICE!

Ancient Coins - INDIA, Kushan: Mahi Gold dinar, RARE and CHOICE!
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Obverse King standing facing, sacrificing at altar at left, remnants of Bactrian legend around, Brahmi legend in right field: Brahmi legend Mahi in right field, pu under arm
Reverse Enthroned Ardochsho (Lakshmi) seated facing, with polos head-dress, holding diadem and cornucopia, corrupt legend at right, tamgha left
Date c. early 4th CE
Weight 7.65 gm.
Diameter 19-21 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Göbl 588
Comments Mahi may have been a usurper. His coins are rare, indicating a short reign. From my personal collection; ex-Taisei Auction 28 (4 March 1999), lot 571.
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