INDIA, DELHI SULTANATE, Shams-al-din Iltutmish (1210-35), Copper adli, RARE and SUPERB!

World Coins - INDIA, DELHI SULTANATE, Shams-al-din Iltutmish (1210-35), Copper "adli", RARE and SUPERB!
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Obverse Legend: 'adl
Reverse Legend: shams or perhaps shamsi (based on a spirited discussion about this coin on an Indian coin discussion forum)
Date AH 607-633 (1210-1235 CE)
Weight 3.27 gm.
Diameter 15 mm.
Die axis 4 o'clock
Reference Rajgor ---, Goron-Goenka D66
This type was illustrated by only a line drawing in Goron & Goenka's catalogue, and was not listed in Rajgor's, befitting its rarity. Goron & Goenka suggested a weight of 2.9 gm, but said this was probably too low because all the coins they knew were very worn. This example, at 3.27 gm, perhaps gives us a better idea of the correct weight, although the specimen appears to be an overstrike. An EXCEPTIONAL example of a RARE type, possibly the nicest one known.
The coin is featured on the Ghorid page of the CoinIndia website, where a more detailed photo can be seen.
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