BRITISH INDIA, BENGAL PRESIDENCY: Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, Murshidabad, AH 120x, RY 19. CHOICE!

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Obverse Legend, including shah alam badshah, mint mark crescent and AH year 120x
Reverse Legend, including mint name Murshidabad and frozen regnal year 19
Date AH 120x (= 1786-91 CE)
Weight 11.55 gm.
Diameter 26 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Pridmore 144-146, KM 84.2, MNI 1898
Comments Shah Alam lost Bengal to the East India Company in 1765 and so issues after that time are properly British issues. The first issues from Murshidabad carried a star mintmark on the obverse. In 1771, this was replaced by a crescent mark, as on this coin. At first, the stated AH year and regnal year were changed every year, but after 1777 the RY was frozen at 19, although the AH year did keep changing. A CHOICE coin on a particularly large 26 mm flan!
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