BRITISH INDIA, BENGAL PRESIDENCY: Silver rupee in the name of Shah Alam II, Banaras, AH 1223, RY 49. SUPERB!

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Obverse Legend, including AH year 1223 and mintmark fish and two darogah marks
Reverse Legend, including mint name Muhammadabad Banares and double regnal years 17 and 49
Date RY 49, AH 1223 (= 1807-1808 CE)
Weight 11.32 gm.
Diameter 23 mm.
Die axis 2 o'clock
Reference Pridmore 279, KM 40.1
Comments The East India Company acquired the mint at Banares from the Raja of Awadh in 1776, soon after the Battle of Plassey. The coins they issued from this mint showed a double regnal year, the fixed RY 17 (the RY of the first British issues) and then the progressive RY until the death of Shah Alam II in his RY 49. A SUPERB specimen!
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