PERU South Peru Republic 1886-CUZCO JM Dinero VF

World Coins - PERU South Peru Republic 1886-CUZCO JM Dinero VF
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AR Dinero 18mm. 2.36g. 'I Romano' (Roman I in date) Cuzco mint, assayer J.M. without initials FB

Wreath over arms; all within wreath.

Liberty seated right, holding capped pole and supporting arms; column and wreath before.

Yabar pp. 82-83; Flatt pg. 81, fig. 32; KM 190a

Crude versions of Lima motifs engraved by Felix Bragagnini. Die crack on obverse.

This scarce coin was struck at the newly established emergency mint of Cuzco, commissioned during the Guerra del Pacifico (War of the Pacific). The mint lasted only 2 years, and crudely produced just two denominations- which saw heavy circulation. As of late, more examples of the 1/2 Dinero appear to be available in the market place.

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