China, Zhou Dynasty or later. Ant-Nose money. Bei type.

Ancient Coins - China, Zhou Dynasty or later. Ant-Nose money. Bei type.
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Date : ca. 300 BC is a generally accepted period for ant-nose money, but this type is by far the most common of the Ant-Nose money, and was probably made for a long time.  These were probably first made long before 300 BC, and while was probably still in use well after 300 BC it is by means certain they were made that light.

Denomination : Bronze 'ANT NOSE' money of uncertain denomination denomination, but possible equal to 1 cowrie shell. 

Reference : Schjoth lists this type under his coins of "doubtful origin" (meaning he did not know where to place them) #15.  Hartill lists this type as #1.4 to 1.8.

Size : 17.5 x 11.0 mm.  Weight : 2.51 grams.

Grade : F, slighty crusty, but better than the image suggests.

Obverse : The reading of the obverse inscription is questionable, but as discussed by Hartill "Jin" which is a  coin denomination or unit of weight, and "Bei" meaning shell are the two most likely.  As these are part of the cowrie shell imitation series, it seems Bei is the more likely.

Reverse : blank.

This is the commonest of the seven related types and and because of a character that looks like a nose and two eyes, it is commonly refered to as the NOSE of the Ant-Nose money (the second commonest type looks like an ant is walking across it). This series of coins evolves from the cowrey shell and it's imitations.  They tend to be found south of the Yellow River in the State of Chu territory (Warring states period).

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