China, Hsin Dynasty (Interregnum of Wang Mang) AD 7-23. Huo-Ch'uan biscuit coin. Schjoth-149 variety

Ancient Coins - China, Hsin Dynasty (Interregnum of Wang Mang) AD 7-23. Huo-Ch'uan biscuit coin. Schjoth-149 variety
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In AD 6, Wang Mang was appointed regent to the Western Han child emperor P'ing Ti, then in AD 7 replaced P'ing Ti with Ju Tze but himself as acting Emperor. In AD 9, he declared himself full and sole Emperor, establishing the Hsin Dynasty. He immediately began a series of five coinage reforms that were really an effort to steal the wealth of country. In AD 22 his was overthrown an beheaded, ending his one man dynasty

Denomination : Bronze Huo-Ch'uan.

Date The Huo-Ch'uan coinage was struck during his 5th coinage reform introduced in 14 AD and lasting until the end of his reign in AD 23.

Reference : Schjoth-149 variety (Schjoth does not list examples this heavy).

Size : 27.3 mm wide and 4.7 mm thick (more than double the normal thickness of a Huo-Ch'uan.

Weight : 14.0 grams (about 5 times the weight of a normal Huo-Ch'uan).

Grade : VF, green patination with some green lumpy build on the reverse.  Exceptionally clear characters for this issue.  This coin is a little darker, and must more attractive than the image suggests.

Obverse : "Huo-Ch'uan".

Reverse : blank.

These very heavy Huo-Ch'uan coins are not well understood. They might be the earliest Huo-Ch'uan coins, but it is possible they were cast at some time after Wang Mang's reign. Unlike most of Wang Mang coins, they are crudely cast, with totally un-finished rims, with the casting sprew broken off with no finishing of that edge.

Normally the characters on these heavy examples are almost indistinct, but on this specimen they are very clear.

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