Superb Ancient Greek Gold Oktadrachm Mnaieion Coin of King Ptolemy IV - 221 BC

Ancient Coins - Superb Ancient Greek Gold Oktadrachm Mnaieion Coin of King Ptolemy IV - 221 BC
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A superb, beautifully centred, lustrous example of one of the most impressive and valuable coins ever minted in the ancient world.

A solid gold Oktadrachm or Mnaïeion, issued under Ptolemy IV Philopator, in honour of his predecessor and father, Ptolemy III. From the Alexandria mint, Egypt, circa 221 - 205 BC.

The obverse of the coin shows a magnificent portrait of the deified Ptolemy III. He is shown in profile, as a plump featured youth, wearing drapery and a protective aegis atop his head, he wears a radiate crown and over his shoulder he carries a trident, the middle prong with a lotus finial.

The symbols identify him to all as a now deified reincarnation of air, sea, and sun.

The reverse with a bulging cornucopia, overflowing with the produce of Egypt; pomegranates, grains, and bunches of grapes, bound with tasselled ribbons. The legend reading:


"Of King Ptolemy"

Alexandria mint mark (DI) in bottom field.

The remarkable solid gold oktadrachmas of Ptolemaic Egypt were some of the largest gold coins ever minted in antiquity. They were struck from a combination of the treasure captured by Alexander the Great and the fresh supply of gold from the mines of Nubia.

Coins of such enormous size were, of course, extremely valuable in antiquity, so much so that they were impractical for everyday commerce. It has been suggested that these bullion like coins were handled only by the wealthiest members of society, to import lavish foreign goods and to pay the wages of mercenaries.

The early ancestor of the American Double Eagle, this coin truly embodies the power and enormous wealth of Ptolemaic Egypt.

Diameter: 27.2 mm.

Weight: 27.90 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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