Beautiful Ancient Greek Punic Silver Tetradrachm Coin from Sicily - 320 BC

Ancient Coins - Beautiful Ancient Greek Punic Silver Tetradrachm Coin from Sicily - 320 BC
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An extremely beautiful, perfectly centred and toned example of a much admired ancient Greek coin type; an ancient silver tetradrachm struck by the Carthaginians in Sicily, circa 320 BC.

The obverse with a serene, elegant portrait or the goddess Arethusa. She is shown in resplendent Classical style, wearing triple drop earring and pearl necklace, her hair tied up and bound with a wreath of grain ears, four dolphins circle around her.

The reverse with the national emblem of Carthage, the horse's head. Shown facing left, palm tree behind. The Punic legend below reading:


"People of the Camp"

The century-long struggle between Carthage and Syracuse for dominance in Sicily caused huge bloodshed and destruction. However, it also produced some strikingly beautiful coins, evidenced by this striking silver four drachm piece.

The coins minted at this time exhibit both Greek and Punic designs. The obverse of this coin is clearly influenced by the famous depictions of Arethusa, found on the Syracusan Dekadrachms of the master engraver Euianetos. The likeness is so striking that one can imagine the artist who made the dies for this coin actually held one of Euianetos' coins in his hand as he worked. The reverse though, with its spirited horse head, palm tree and Phoenician inscription, is entirely Punic in character.

These delightful multicultural coins were used to pay the Carthaginian army, composed of mercenaries from all over the Classical world, a suitable use for a coin with such varied artistic influences.

A very beautiful example, struck from dies of exquisite Classical style, on a large, medallic flan. The work of a highly talented engraver. 

Diameter: 26.7 mm.

Weight: 17.10 g.


Ex. French private collection.

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