Ancient Thracian Abstract Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin of Thasos - 100 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Thracian Abstract Greek Silver Tetradrachm Coin of Thasos - 100 BC
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A charming ancient silver tetradrachm minted by the Thracians, circa late 2nd to early 1st Century BC.


The obverse with the devolved head of the god of wine, Dionysos. He is shown facing right, his hair wreathed with ivy and with band across forehead.


The reverse with a heavily stylised depiction of the divine hero, Herakles. He is shown standing facing, holding club and Nemean lion skin. A nonsensical 'Greek' legend surrounds, the original meaning of which was:



"Herakles, Savior of Thasos"

This curious four drachm piece was produced by the mint of an indiginous Thracian tribe around the 1st Century BC. The iconography used on this coin is copied from the famous tetradrachms produced by the Greeks of Thasos, an island off the coast of Thrace.


While the original designs produced by the Thasians were often refined works of Hellensitic art, the pieces issued by their Thracian neighbours are far more lively and devolved. The Thracian coins represent a very different, highly abstracted, almost Cubist style that is now rightly appreciated as a distinct artform.



Width: 30 mm.


Weight: 15.95 g.


Kinks and ancient clip, as shown.




Ex. British private collection.


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