Ancient Roman Silver Legionary Denarius Coin of Triumvir Mark Antony - 32 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Roman Silver Legionary Denarius Coin of Triumvir Mark Antony - 32 BC
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A famous and highly desirable coin type, minted to pay for one of the most important battles of antiquity.

An ancient Roman silver legionary denarius struck under the Triumvir, Mark Antony. Minted in autumn 32 - spring 31 BC at Antony's headquarters in Patrae.

The obverse (image ii) with war galley sailing right with rowers and a sceptre with fluttering banner placed at the prow, the legend reading:

ANT[onivs] AVG[vstvs] III[vm]VIR R[ei]P[vblicae] C[onstitvendae]

"Antonius Augustus, One of Three Men for the Regulation of the Republic"

The reverse (image i) with legionary aquila (eagle) between two standards. The legend bearing the name of the 4th Legion (Legio IV) and reading:

LEG[io] IV

The celebrated legionary series was the last major coinage issued by Mark Antony, just prior to his defeat at the hands of Octavian's forces at the Battle of Actium.

Antony knew his military would be of crucial importance in the fight against Octavian to control the Roman world. It was, therefore, the navy and army who were chosen to be honoured in an extensive issue of legionary denari. These coins were produced specifically for military pay during the months of preparation prior to the final conflict at Actium. It is thought that these fascinating coins were minted at Antony's own headquarters at Patrae, where he was to spend the winter of 32 - 31 BC making the final tactical plans for deployment.

Diameter: 18.4 mm.

Weight: 3.80 g.


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