Ancient Roman Silver Elephant Denarius Coin of Julius Caesar - 49 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Roman Silver Elephant Denarius Coin of Julius Caesar - 49 BC
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A fascinating, important and hugely desirable coin type. An ancient Roman silver denarius struck under Julius Caesar, at the military mint travelling with Caesar in 49 - 48 BC.

The obverse with Elephant, walking right trampling on horned serpent. The legend reading:


The reverse with the emblems of the pontificate (Roman high priest): simpulum, (ritual ladle) aspergillum, (water sprinkler) securis, (single bladed axe) and apex (spiked cap). 

This is one of the most collectable, famous, and historically fascinating ancient coin types.

In 49 BC Julius Caesar declared his intent to seize control of Rome by breaking Roman law and crossing the river Rubicon at the head of an army. 

The 'elephant denari' were the first coins minted under Julius Caesar and were likely struck to pay his army in the early months of their struggle. The obverse of the coins show Caesar's own cognomen as the issuing authority, while the imagery symbolises good triumphing over evil. The reverse references Caesar's position as Pontifex Maximus.

It is remarkable to think that this small silver coin could have been handled by the men who fought and died fighting for Julius Caesar! 

Diameter: 19.3 mm.

Weight: 3.75 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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