Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Coin Struck Under Julius Caesar - 46 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Roman Republican Silver Denarius Coin Struck Under Julius Caesar - 46 BC
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An extremely well struck, centred and preserved ancient Roman silver denarius minted under one of history's greatest military leaders, Julius Caesar. Minted under the military mint moving with Caesar while in Spain, late 46 - early 45 BC.

The obverse with the head of the goddess, Venus shown facing right, wearing earring, diadem and with a diminutive figure of Cupid behind. 

The reverse with two Gaulish captives seated in an attitude of mourning either side of a military trophy of war ornamented with helmet, cuirass, oval shields and carnyces (Celtic wind instruments).

The exergue inscription reading:


A fascinating and important coin type produced by the travelling military mint of the Great Julius Caesar during the civil war against Pompey. This coin, boasting of Caesar's recent victories in the Gallic wars of 58 - 50 BC, was designed to garner support for the war being fought against Pompey and the traditionalists faction of the senate. The reverse depicting a small public monument or trophy, created out of the spoils of war with the Gauls and composed of two Gallic shields and twocarnyces.

One of the very finest examples of this highly desirable type.

Diameter: 19.2 mm.

Weight: 3.85 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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