Ancient Jewish Silver Year 3 Bar Kochba Revolt Sela Tetradrachm Coin - 134 AD

Ancient Coins - Ancient Jewish Silver Year 3 Bar Kochba Revolt Sela Tetradrachm Coin - 134 AD
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One of the most historically fascinating and desirable Biblical period coins, depicting the most famous of all historical religious artefacts, The Ark of the Covenant.

An ancient silver tetradrachm (referred to in the Mishnah as a "sela") minted by the Jewish people as an act of defiance against the Romans during the third Jewish - Roman war, also known as the Bar Kochba revolt. Overstruck on a Roman tetradrachm, in year 3 of the war, circa 134 / 135 AD. 

The obverse with the facade of the Jewish second temple, showing a glimpse of the famous Ark of the Covenant, a chest described in the book of Exodus as once holding the tablets of stone inscribed with the Ten Commandments. The Ark is shown set within the Holy of Holies, with star above, likely alluding to Bar Kochba's nickname "Son of the Star." The Hebrew inscription reading:



The reverse with the agricultural symbols associated with the harvest festival of Succot, the lulav and etrog. The Hebrew inscription reading:

L'Herut Yerushalayim

"For the Freedom of Jerusalem"

After years of political and religious tensions in the Roman ruled province of Judaea, the Jews finally revolted in 136 AD, organised by their leader Simon Bar Kohkba . 

They faced the full might of Emperor Hadrian's Roman Empire but, despite this, initial victories established an independent state of Israel across areas of Judea for over two years.

It was during this time that the Jewish rebels minted their own coins by overstriking on the already circulating Roman and Greek coinage.

This sela was minted over a silver tetradrachm and bears a proud and defiant declaration of sovereignty and freedom from 
Roman rule:

"For the Freedom of Jerusalem"

Perhaps, even more remarkable than the inscription though is the image stamped onto the obverse. Here, we see the most famous, awe inspiring and fascinating of religious objects, the Ark of the Covenant.

More than just a coin, this artefact pays testimony to the struggle of the Jewish people to preserve their religion and culture in the face of great adversity.

Diameter: 25.5 mm.

Weight: 13.30 g.


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