Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Coin from Larissa Thessaly - 356 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Greek Silver Drachm Coin from Larissa Thessaly - 356 BC
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A beautiful and much admired ancient coin type, inspired by a masterpiece of Classical Greek art. A silver drachm from the city of Larissa, Thessaly. Struck 356 - 342 BC.

The obverse with a delightful portrait of the local nymph, Larissa. She is shown in high Classical style, facing but with her head and gaze inclined to the left, her windswept hair bound by an ampyx (headband).

The reverse with horse, grazing right. The legend reading:


"Of the Larissans"


In ancient Greece coins were much more than mere units of exchange, they were works of art, themed with the myths and achievements of their cities.

The silver drachms produced by Larissa in the early 4th Century are a fine example of this. The city took inspiration for its obverse design from a true masterpiece of ancient art, the famous 'facing head' tetradrachm of Syracuse, created by the brilliant engraver, Kimon.

On the Larissan type, we see the Syracusan deity Arethusa replaced by the portrait of Larissa, around whose spring the city was founded. While the reverse offers up a graceful depiction of a grazing horse, a suitable subject as Larissa was famed throughout the region for breeding some of the very finest steeds.


Diameter: 19.2 mm.

Weight: 6.05 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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