Ancient Greek Silver Didrachm Coin from Taras - 315 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Greek Silver Didrachm Coin from Taras - 315 BC
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A fine example of one of the most charming ancient Greek coin types. A silver didrachm from the city of Taras, in Calabria, Southern Italy. Struck 315 - 302 BC.

The obverse with a member of the famous Tarentine cavalry, shown sat astride a powerful steed, rearing right. The youth is shown preparing to thrust a spear downwards, clutching a round shield and two spears in his left hand. Below the Greek characters:


The reverse with Taras, the legendary son of Poseidon, seated nude atop a dolphin and riding left. He cradles a ship's rudder in his left arm and offers out a kantharos (chalice) in his right hand. The legend behind reads:




KA below.


The variety of designs and beautiful composition of the coins of Taras make them one of the most attractive and collectable series in all Greek coinage.

The obverse of this fine example features a member of the famed Tarentine cavalry who were so widely reputed for their fierce character and brilliant battle skills that, 'to ride like a Tarentine' became a proverbial expression for equestrian skill.

The reverse shows a delightful representation of the Tarentine's foundation myth. Taras, son of Poseidon, having been shipwrecked and on the verge of death, was miraculously saved and carried to shore by a dolphin. So on the very spot he was brought to land, he founded his new colony, naming it after himself.

Struck from finely engraved dies of superb style, a beautiful coin.  

Diameter: 21.3 mm.

Weight: 7.85 g.


Ex. British private collection.

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