Ancient Greek Gold Lifetime Stater Coin of King Philip II of Macedon - 345 BC

Ancient Coins - Ancient Greek Gold Lifetime Stater Coin of King Philip II of Macedon - 345 BC
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An ancient Greek gold stater, minted under and in the name of Alexander the Great's father, the brilliant King Philip II of Macedon. Issued during Philip's lifetime, circa 345 - 336 BC at the Pella mint.

The obverse with a fine portrait of the god Apollo, shown with unruly hair, slightly parted lips and wearing laurel wreath. 

The reverse shows Philip II in a biga (two horse chariot) racing right, the horses rearing and snarling as Philip grips the reins in his left hand and raises his goad with his right. The Greek legend below reads:


"Of Philip"

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This attractive gold coin was struck under King Philip II of Macedon. Philip was a brilliant military leader whose victories reshaped Greece and enabled his son and successor, Alexander the Great to go on to conquer the known world.

The most valuable denomination of Philip's influential coinage was the gold stater. The reverse of these enchanting little coins boast of one of Philip's proudest achievements; his victory at the Olympic Games of 348 BC in the two horse chariot race, an image most likely chosen for his coinage by the man. 

Gold coins with the obverse and reverse images of Philip's famous staters continued to be struck long after his death. Indeed, his beautiful, high purity coinage had such an influence on the ancient people that encountered them that they were imitated by the Northern European Celts for hundreds of years thereafter.

This is a desirable lifetime issue, struck 345 - 336 BC.

Diameter: 18.10 mm.

Weight: 8.55 g.

Ex Jewelry.


Ex. collection of Dr J. 

The late Dr J. lived in Chartres, northern France where he gathered a large collection of fine quality ancient coins, until his passing in 2014 aged over 100.

With French export licence.

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