M. Volteius M.f. AR denarius – Apollo/Tripod – Rare

Ancient Coins - M. Volteius M.f. AR denarius – Apollo/Tripod – Rare
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M. Volteius M.f. AR denarius, 75 BC, 4.00gm, 18.0mm.  Obv:  Laureate head of Apollo right.  Rev: Tripod-lebes, center leg entwined by serpent; S•C in left field, D•T in right field; M•VOLTEI•M•F in exergue.  Crawford 385/5; Sydenham 778 (R8); Volteia 5.  aVF

M. Volteius issued five denarius types, referenced by Crawford as 385/1 through 385/5, celebrating the five main Roman agonistic festivals.  This issue celebrates the Ludi Apollonares, games in honor of Apollo, and is by far the rarest of the five issues.

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