Numismatic Chronicle 1980 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS

Ancient Coins - Numismatic Chronicle 1980 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS
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Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1980. xxiv, 260 pages, 29 photographic plates. Red cloth, Very fine condition.

Some of the articles included:

Cope, Stephen N. The statistical analysis of coin weights by computer and a rationalized method for producing histograms.
Hahn, Wolfgang R. O. A sixth-century hoard of Byzantine small change from Egypt, and its contribution to the classification of African minimi.
Daftar, Nahidh A. R. The medallion of Ja'far al-Barmaki.
Johnston, Ann. The intermittent imperials : the coinages of Lycia, Lycaonia, and Pisidia.
Karwiese, Stefan. Lysander as Herakliskos Drakonopnigon ("Heracles the snake-strangler").
Dyer, G. P. Thomas Humphrey Paget, (1893-1974).
Melville Jones, J. R. The date of the gold drachma of Carystus.
King, C. E. The Hambleden (Bucks.) hoard of folles.
Metcalf, D. M. The Agrinion hoard : gold hyperpyra of John III Vatatzes.
Morkholm, Otto. The Parthian coinage of Seleucia on the Tigris, c. 90-55 B.C.
Sellwood, David. A basic program for histograms.
Sellwood, D. G. The President's address, delivered 17 June 1980.
Sellwood, D. G. The relations between art and technology in coinage.
Zervos, Orestes H. Additions to the Demanhur hoard of Alexander tetradrachms.
Sabine, C. J. The billon and copper coinage of the Crusader county of Tripoli. c1102-1268.
Spaer, Arnold. Archbishop Baldwin II of Caesarea.
Patnaik, Satyendra. Numismatic data in the Madalapanji : the Jagannath Temple Chronicle.
Stewart, Ian. The burial date of the Eccles hoard.
Talvio, Tuukka. A parcel of coins from Cuerdale in the Reichel collection.