Numismatic Chronicle 1969 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS

Ancient Coins - Numismatic Chronicle 1969 - Royal Numismatic Society RNS
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Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1969, lxii, 370 pages, 16 photographic plates, well illustrated. Red cloth, fine condition, spine discoloured.
Numismatic Chronicle is one of the most important journal on ancient and medieval numismatics. Scarcer year.

Some of the articles included:

Bandyopadhyay, Samaresh. 'Nanaka,' (Kushan coins)
Clayton, Peter A. Bibliography of articles from non-numismatic journals
Cope, Lawrence H. The Nadir of the Imperial Antoninianus in the Reign of Claudius II Gothicus, A.D. 268-270.
Johnson, W. McAllister. A numismatic approach to the iconography of several Gonzagan Fresco cycles.
Dolley, Reginald Hugh Michael. Four notes on unpublished Irish finds of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.
Dolley, Michael. The Roman coin-hoard from Timberland (Lincs.) : a revision.
Carson, R. A. G. Alcester (Warwickshire) find of Roman Antoniniani and Sestertii
Carson, R. A. G. Mattishall (Norfold) treasure trove of Roman Imperial silver coins
Carson, R. A. G. Welwyn treasure trove of Roman Imperial denarii.
Metcalf, D. M. Billon coinage of the Crusading Principality of Antioch.
Price, M. Jessop. Greek coin hoards in the British Museum.
Mate, Mavis. Coin dies under Edward I and II.
Mattingly, Harold B. Notes on some Roman Republican moneyers.
Kraay, Colin M. Notes on the Mint of Side in the fifth century B.C
Macdonald, D. J. A false denarius of Claudius I
Mitchiner, Michael. A small hoard containing coins of Arda-Mitra.
Morkholm, Otto. The classification of Cappadocian coins.
Reece, Richard. Analyses of some early Imperial Alexandrian tetradrachms.
Stewart, Ian. Style in medieval coinage.
Weiller, R. A hoard of radiate imitations from the Tetelbierg (G.-d. of Luxembourg).
Weller, H. L. Eighteen Byzantine Scyphate coins of the late 1200's.