Faience crocodile amulet

Ancient Coins - Faience crocodile amulet
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Crocodile amulet
The crocodile was the emblem of Sebek
Dates from XII – Roman period
1 inch long (2cm long)

Egyptian amulets are often used to represent an idea invoke the protection from an item or deity. Mummies would have many amulets sewn into their wrapping linens to ensure protections in the afterlife. Unfortunately, early in archaeology, mummies were stripped of their amulets without regard to position or reason, but of the few that were documented it does appear that amulets were placed on body areas in a specific order. However, not amulets were placed upon mummies. Often time’s persons wore amulets to ensure protection during their life, invoke healing, pregnancy or others desires.
Ancient Coins - Faience crocodile amulet
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