PARTHIA, GOTARZES II (40-51 CE) Silver tetradrachm, Seleucia, Sell 65.18-19. SCARCE DATE & CHOICE!


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Obverse Bare-headed, bearded, diademed bust of king left, curl of hair on forehead, wearing torque, dotted border around
Reverse King enthroned right, receiving diadem from Tyche who is standing left, holding cornucopia, Greek legend in 7 lines around: above, BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN, at right: APΣAKOY / EVERΓETOY , below: ΔIKAIOY, at left: EΠIΦANOVΣ / ΦIΛEΛΛHNOΣ, date between king and Tyche: ΘNT (359 = 47-48 CE), month in exergue (off flan)
Date 47-48 CE
Weight 14.20 gm.
Diameter 26-28 mm.
Die axis 12 o'clock
Reference Sellwood 65.18-19, Shore 360
Comments From my personal collection, ex-Tom Mallon collection. Published on his website, The Coins and History of Asia, the first coin (as of April 2009) under Gotarzes II:

This coin is also published on the website, the first coin under Gotarzes II, Sellwood 65: .
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