Numismatic Chronicle 1983 - Royal Numismatic Society - Hill, Buildings and monuments of Rome as coin types, A.D. 14-69 - Hewitt, The coinage of L. Clodius Macer (AD 68)


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 Royal Numismatic Society, London, 1983. xxxix, 271 pages, 46 photographic plates. Red cloth, Very Fine condition.

Some of the articles included:

Booth, James. Finds of sceattas and stycas from Sancton.
Grierson, Philip. A rediscovered siliqua of Valentinian III (425-55).
Jones, Mark. THe medal as an instrument of propaganda in late 17th and early 18th century Europe. Part 2.
Jones, Mark. The technique of Simon van de Passe reconsidered.
Johnston, Ann. The denominational systems of the Greek imperials of Bizye in Thrace.
Hill, Philip V. Buildings and monuments of Rome as coin types, A.D. 14-69.
Hewitt, K. V. The coinage of L. Clodius Macer (AD 68).
Goehring, James E. Two new examples of the Byzantine "eagle" countermark.
Nightingale, Pamela. The ora, the mark, and the mancus : weight-standards and the coinage in eleventh-century England. Part 1.
Kinns, Philip. The Amphictionic coinage reconsidered.
Metcalf, D. M. The gros grand and the gros petit of Henry II of Cyprus. Part 2.
Lowick, N. M. The Masuri and the Mahdawi dirham : two additions to Sauvaire's "Matriaux."
Mitchiner, Michael. The Chutus of Banavasi, and their coinage.
Mochiri, M. I. A coin of Khusraw III's third year.
Morkholm, Otto. A posthumous issue of Antiochus IV of Syria.
Sellwood, D. G. The President's address, delivered 21 June 1983.
Sellwood, D. G. The relations between art and technology in coinage. 4.
Salzmann, Dieter. Folles of Severus II as Augustus and of Constantine I as Caesar from Anticoh.
Sturdy, David. N. C. Fabri de Peiresc and five early Anglo-Saxon pennies in the Cotton collection, drawn c. 1608.
Warren, Jennifer A. W. The autonomous bronze coinage of Sicyon. Part 1.
Tyler-Smith, S. Sasanian mint abbreviations.
Weller, H. L. A coin of Constantine IV re-attributed from Constantinople to Carthage.

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