Seleucid Kingdom: Achaios 220-214 BC - Usurper in Asia Minor


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AE16, 3.08g

Achaios was the uncle of Antiochos III (223-187BC).  He was put in charge of Asia Minor and restored order there.  He then rebelled and proclaimed himself king in 220BC.  In 216BC most of his troops deserted him.  After a 2 year seige of his capital - Sardeis, Lycia - he was defeated and beheaded.

All his coins are rather scarce but this one is much less common than the version with the eagle and palm behind instead of a wreath below.

Small flat red encrustation on reverse.  

Obv: Bust of Apollo right

Rev: Eagle standing on a wreath right " [B]ASILEWS ACAIOU "

SG 6963
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