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France, Charles VIII (1483-98), gold Half-Ecu d'Or au Soleil, Paris mint, first issue (11 September 1483), KAROLVS DEI GRA FRACORV REX, crowned arms, small sun above, rev. XPS VINCIT REGNAT ET IMPERAT, floriated cross, 1.71g (Dup. 578; Fr 319). Well struck, in PCGS holder graded AU53, note the spelling mistake in FRANCORV, though the "point secret" definitely under the 18th letter on the full reverse legend, therefore Paris and not St Lô, pleasant and scarce.
PCGS Certification 802886.53/38195000.
Ex Sincona Auction 46, 14 May 2018, lot 317, wrongly attributed to Louis XII and St Lô mint at the time.
价格 品种: EM13531
£ 1,950.00
  • US$ 2,316.19
  • € 2,275.89
  • AUD 3,405.03
  • CHF 2,252.26
  • CAD 3,021.01

利率: 07/07/22

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