ATTICA, Athens. c. 421 BC. AR Tetradrachm

Ancient Coins - ATTICA, Athens. c. 421 BC. AR Tetradrachm
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c. 421 BC. AR Tetradrachm, 17.18g (9h, 23mm). Head of Athena wearing Attic helmet with laurel wreath headdress right / AOE Owl standing right with head facing forward; olive branch in left field and all within a square incuse.

Pedigree: Ex Classical Numismatics Inc. (Victor England), 1 May 1987, lot 55

Price: $2,150

The vast coinage from Athens during the 5-4th century BC shows the overall strength of the city throughout the Greek world. No real die study has ever been done on the coinage and for good reason. It would be an almost impossible feat to accomplish. Even the active mints for the are certainly impossible to confirm. Some Athens coins show obvious regional differences (eg. the coinage with Aramaic lettering and stylistic differences which point to a middle-eastern mint), however, the majority of Athenian coins remain difficult to pin to any specific mint because of their lack of mint marks. What is understood is that the mines at Laurium were responsible for an impressive amount of silver Athenian owl coins.

References: Svoronos similar to pl. XII/18; Starr pl. XXII/5; SNG München similar to 46

Grade: Tight on flan but lovely strike, great centering and good silver. High relief piece with wonderful appeal. EF

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