MANLIA SCANTILLA, Rome, 193 AD. Silver Denarius. JUNO, peacock. Extremely Rare.

Ancient Coins - MANLIA SCANTILLA, Rome, 193 AD. Silver Denarius. JUNO, peacock. Extremely Rare.
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MANLIA SCANTILLA:  Roman Empress wife of Didius Julianus
Silver Denarius  (2.76 grams) Rome mint: March-June, 193 A.D.
MANL SCA-NTILLA AVG, draped bust of Scantilla right.
IVNO REGINA, Juno standing left, holding patera and scepter, peacock at her  feet. 
Reference:  RIC 7a; C. 2; BMC 11.

Little is known about Manlia Scantilla, wife of the short-reigning Emperor  Didius Julianus. Her name indicates she belonged to the influential Manlia gens,  and there are hints that her ambition for social status at least partly drove  her husband's career. According to Dio, following the murder of the Pertinax on  March 28, 193 BC, it was Scantilla that urged him to make a bid for the throne  himself, whereupon Julianus rushed to the Praetorian camp and engaged an the  infamous "auction of the empire," securing the throne with a bid of 25,000  sesterces per Praetorian guardsman. The Senate reluctantly confirmed the fait  accompli, and then took the unusual step of conferring upon Julianus' wife and  daughter the title of Augusta, or Empress. However qualified he may have been,  Julianus' nefarious means of gaining power made him hated in Rome. Generals of  armies around the Empire were roused to action; the nearest of them, Septimius  Severus, marched on Rome and deposed Julianus after an anxiety-filled reign of  only 66 days. Julianus was dispatched by one of the same Praetorians who had  proclaimed him; Scantilla and Didia Clara, however, were spared, at least  initially. Scantilla is said to have died only a few weeks after her husband;  Clara's final fate is unknown.


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