Diva Faustina I Senior AR Denarius AETERNITAS Juno, Scepter 141 AD Good VF

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Diva Faustina I Senior AR Denarius Rome Mint 141 AD Obverse: DIVA FAVSTINA Bust of Faustina I, draped, right, hair elaborately waved in several loops round head and drawn up and coiled on top Reverse: AETERNITAS Juno veiled, draped, standing left, head left, extending right hand and holding nearly vertical sceptre in left References: RIC 344 Size: 18mm, 3.30g Professional Numismatic Notes: Good VF; a great reverse!
价格 品种: RC0494d
US$ 175.00
  • € 168.66
  • £ 145.86
  • AUD 260.15
  • CHF 166.20
  • CAD 236.48

利率: 12/01/22

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