Commodus AE Dupondius Minerva Brandishing Spear & Shield RIC Unlisted Date

Ancient Coins - Commodus AE Dupondius "Minerva Brandishing Spear & Shield" RIC Unlisted Date
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Commodus AE Dupondius. Rome Mint 183 AD. Obverse: M COMMODVS ANTONINVS AVG PIVS Radiate head right. Reverse: TR P VIII IMP VI COS IIII P P S C Minerva, helmeted, draped, advancing right, brandishing javelin in right hand and holding shield in left hand. References: RIC – (See 421 for similar, but different date) Very Rare. Size: 25mm, 12.88g. Numismatic Notes: A rare RIC unlisted date for the type! RIC only lists this type with "TR P VIIII IMP" (that's 4 I's, this coin only has 3; RIC 421)! Good fine and with more apparent detail in hand!
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