CYPRUS or MALTA.Copper Denaro or Tessera.

World Coins - CYPRUS or MALTA.Copper Denaro or Tessera.
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CYPRUS or MALTA.Copper Denaro or Tessera. ( 2.01g, 16.6mm, 12h )
I / F / L / M, rampant lion left.
Reverse. V E / •S within dotted circle.
Ref: Lazari attributes this enigmatic coin to Jeronimus Pisauro vice-roy of Cyprus, lietutenant of Nicosia AD 1471-1493.Pl.XIV.65 var.
Sclumberger Pl.VIII.11 also attibutes this coin to Cyprus but rebukes the Lazari attribution without mention to whom the issue might belong.
Schembri p.288 Plate 1.4. attributes this as a tessera issued by Jean Levesque de la Cassiere AD 1572-1581.
The attribution remains uncertain, it was purchased by Lord Grantley in Corfu, just like Cyprus another Venetian colonly. It is recorded that when the Ottoman Turks beseiged Cyprus in 1570 a copper coin other than the well known bezant was issued; this has not yet been identified and this might be the coin,  here the lion does not appear to be the Lion of Saint Mark as shown of the seige coins but possibly the Lusignan lion as shown on Venetian cartzia issues from AD 1553-1570. If a Maltese attribution is to be made I would suggest an issue of Manoel de Vilhena AD 1723-1736 as the rampant lion is very similar in style to his coins as on the copper cinquina.
Good fine / about very fine, some surface porosity, possibly overstuck. Extremely Rare.
Ex: Lord Grantly collection, Glendening auction sale 11, 26th April 1945, part lot 4271.
Ex J R Stewart collection ( stewart inventory 549 ) , purchased from the London firm Baldwins 12th December 1945.
Sold with Stewarts ticket and comments
World Coins - CYPRUS or MALTA.Copper Denaro or Tessera.
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