ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan. A.D. 98-117. Æ Sestertius. Rare.

Ancient Coins - ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan. A.D. 98-117. Æ Sestertius. Rare.
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PCW-R4056-ROMAN EMPIRE, Trajan. A.D. 98-117. Æ Sestertius (23.64 gm; 33 mm). Rome, A.D. 116/7. IMP CAES NER TRAIANO OPTIMO AVG GER DAC PARTHICO P M TR P COS VI P P, laureate and draped bust of Trajan right / ARMENIA ET MESOPOTAMIA IN POTESTATEM P R REDACTAE, emperor, laureate and in military attire, standing facing, head right, holding inverted spear and parazonium; at feet to right, Mesopotamia seated left in attitude of mourning; to left and right, Tigris and Euphrates seated, vis à vis, each leaning on inverted urn from which water flows and holding reed. RIC 642; Woytek 590v; BMC 1033. Well struck on a nice broad flan. Some smoothing and tooling on the fields. Green deposit. Choice aEF. Rare. 
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