VF+ Constantine I follis, Jupiter stnd. Lt. holding Victory and scepter,eagle at ft

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Attribution: RIC VII: 3 (R1)
Date: 307-337 AD
Obverse: IMP C FL VAL CONSTANTINVS PF AVG Laurate head right
Reverse: IOVI CONSERVATORI, SMK in exergue, B in right field
Size: 23.22 mm
Weight: 3.7 grams
Description: "Beautiful coin with full silvering, well centered and rare"
价格 品种: 4685
US$ 43.00
  • € 39.95
  • £ 34.33
  • AUD 64.91
  • CHF 38.98
  • CAD 57.70

利率: 06/04/23

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