F/F Domitian as Caesar AS / Victory

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Attribution: RIC II 706a Vespasian Rome Mint
Date: 72 AD
Obverse: CAESAR AVG F DOMITIAN COS II, bust right
Reverse: VICTORIA AVGVST SC, Victory left standing on prow
Size: 27.54 mm
Weight: 10.2 grams
Description: An attractive and scarcer bronze. Though not listed as a Judea Capta coin it is of the same style and time period as same style Judea Capta series of Vespasian
价格 品种: 8867
US$ 54.00
  • € 50.17
  • £ 43.11
  • AUD 81.52
  • CHF 48.96
  • CAD 72.46

利率: 06/04/23

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