AE 18 (assarion) Septimius Severus, Moesia Inferior -- Nikopolis ad Istrum 193-211 A.D. --Athena--

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Grade: VF/VF+ even green toning, (large) corrosion spots on both sides
Material: AE
Weight: 1,81 g
Diameter: 18 mm

Obverse: AV KAI CE CEVHΡOC, laureate head right

Reverse: NIKOΠOΛI ΠΡOC IC, Athena standing left holding shield resting on ground and spear resting on ground
价格 品种: HBR-2505
  • US$ 40.97
  • £ 32.60
  • AUD 60.89
  • CHF 36.92
  • CAD 54.58

利率: 06/10/23

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