Pontos AE12 2.328g Seven Point Comet Star Reverse

Ancient Coins - Pontos AE12 2.328g Seven Point Comet Star Reverse
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Pontos (Uncertain City), c. 119 - 100 B.C.
GB89134. Bronze AE 12, SNG BM 984; SNG Stancomb 653; Lindgren III 154; HGC 7 317, gVF, 2.328g, 11.2mm, Pontos, uncertain mint, horse-head right, with comet star of eight points and central pellet on neck; reverse comet star of seven points, central pellet, and tail to right ; very rare
The comets depicted are almost certainly the comets described in Justin's epitome of the Historiae Philippicae of the Augustan historian Pompeius Trogus (Justin 37.2.1-2): `The future greatness of this man [Mithridates Eupator] had been foretold by heavenly portents. For both in the year in which he was born [134/133 B.C.] and in the year in which he first began to rule [120/119 B.C.], a comet gleamed so brightly for 70 days throughout each period that the whole sky seemed to be on fire. In its extent, each of these comets filled one quarter of the sky and surpassed the sun in brilliance. They took four hours to rise and four hours to set.`
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