Crusaders Frankish Greece Achaea Mahaut Maud of Hainaut 0.646g

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Crusaders, Frankish Greece, Principality of Achaea, Mahaut (Maud) of Hainaut, 1316 - 1318
CR88475. Billon denier tournois, Malloy Crusaders 42; Metcalf Crusades type MA2, pl. 40, 998, VF, toned, clashed dies, tight flan cutting off parts of legends, 0.646g, 19.7mm, 0o, Corinth mint, + MAhAVTA•P•Ach', cross pattée, lis begins legend; reverse ⚜DE CLARENCIA (R with a large wedge foot = Corinth), castle tournois, surmounted by cross, C (Corinth?) left; from the Louis G Estate
This was one of very few medieval coin types minted under female authority. In 1313, Philip I of Taranto, in compensation for breaking their engagement, granted Achaea to Maud and gave her hand to Louis of Burgundy. The principality was, however, possessed by another claimant, Ferdinand of Majorca. At the Battle of Manolada on 5 July 1316, Ferdinand was killed and Louis took control. He was poisoned soon after, leaving 23-year-old Maud in charge. Rule was soon disputed by varying claimants and Maud was dispossessed of her fief by 1318, in which year John, Duke of Durazzo, abducted the princess and forced her to marry him. She did not give him children, however, and he repudiated her in 1321. Maud married again to Hugh de La Palice and retired to Aversa, where she died in 1331.`Arms_of_Achaea`/
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