ISLAMIC, MAMLUKS, Qa'itbay, 1468-1496, AR Dirham, Halab Type, Turcoman Kufic.

World Coins - ISLAMIC, MAMLUKS, Qa'itbay, 1468-1496, AR Dirham, Halab Type, Turcoman Kufic.
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Burji Mamluk Sultans, al-Ashraf Abu al-Nasr Qa'itbay, AH 873-901/ AD 1468-1496, AR dirham (15mm, 1.39gm, 11h), no mint (Halab), undated. O: In margin, (partial) al-sultan al-malik al-Ashraf Abu al-Nasr; within circle at center, Qa'itbay. R: Kalima in Turcoman Kufic. Balog 828 (Type II); Album 1028. Nice Very Fine, toned.
al-Ashraf saif al-Din Abu al-Nasr Qa'tbay was born in Circassia along the northeast shore of the Black Sea where his skill in archery and horsemanship attracted the attention of a slave merchant who brought him to Cairo. Qa'itbay was quickly purchased by the ninth Mamluk sultan Barsbay (1422-1438) and became a member of the palace guard. He was freed by Barsbay's successor Jaqmaq (1438-1453). Qa'itbay rose quickly through the military ranks and under the sultan Timurburgha, he was was appointed atabak or field marshal of the entire Mamluk army. The reign of Timurburgha lasted less than two months before he was dethroned by a palace coup on 30 January 1468. Qa'itbay was proposed as a compromise candidate acceptable to the various court factions and despite initial reluctance, he was enthroned the following day. Although Qa'itbay fought sixteen military campaigns during his reign, he is best remembered for the spectacular building projects that he sponsored. Qa'itbay's reign has traditionally been seen as a "happy culmination" of the Burji Mamluk dynasty, a period of unparalleled political stability, military success and economic prosperity.
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