Item #4743 Kings of Persis, Artaxerxes V, (before AD224) PAPAK, Stakhr mint, Gobl I/1, Alram 659 VERY RARE Obol (Ardashir I), VF, toned, excellent metal

Ancient Coins - Item #4743 Kings of Persis, Artaxerxes V, (before AD224) PAPAK, Stakhr mint, Gobl I/1, Alram 659 VERY RARE Obol (Ardashir I), VF, toned, excellent metal
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Metamorphosis of Persis into the Sasanian Empire
Ruler�s name & His Reign: Artaxerxes V(before AD224), later Ardashir I

Mint:Stakhr mint A

Metal & Denomination: ARobol
Size:12 mm.
Weight:0.65 gr.

Obverse: Bearded facing head, wearing diadem and Parthian-style tiara

Reverse: Bearded head of Papak left, wearing diadem and Parthian-style tiara with Aramaic legends.

References:Gobl I/1VERY RARE,Alram 659, SNS Type I/1, A1

Notes: This very rare coin is one of the most fascinating pieces of Ancient Iranian history. It covers three kingdoms: the last Persis ruler finally overthrowing once mighty Parthian Empire and establishing Sasanian Empire himself. Rome did not know that the fall of Parthian was not a welcome news with arrivals of kings like Ardeshir I & Shapur I to the battle scene.

BRIEF HISTORY:Persis was the heart of the old Achaemenid Persian Empire and the center of Persian culture, religion and language. During the late 3rd century BC, Persis was able to regain its independence from the Seleucids and began producing a Greek-inspired coinage with Aramaic inscriptions. Mithradates II was able to incorporate Persis as a sub-kingdom of the Parthian empire during the early 1st century BC, though Persis continued to mint its own distinctive series of coins which gradually took on some of the appearance of Parthian coins.

Artaxerxes V, son of Papak and brother of Shahpur, was the leader of the revolt of Persis against the Arsakid kings of Parthia. Having secured his father�s rise to the kingship of Persis, it was natural for Artaxerxes to refuse to recognize his brother Shahpur as king upon the father's death. Subsequently, when Shahpur was killed, Artaxerxes ascended the throne with the blessings of his other brothers. A natural and charismatic leader, he took advantage of the Roman invasion of Parthia in 216 AD to begin a revolt against Arsakid rule. Eventually, his insurrection was joined by other Parthian vassal kingdoms, Media, Adiabene, and Kirkuk. In 222 AD Artaxerxes' forces defeated Vologases VI, and in 224 AD they defeated Vologases� brother, Artabanos V, at the Battle of Hormuzdagan. Claiming descent from the great Achaemenid kings of antiquity, Artaxerxes realized his goal of founding a new Persian empire; as Ardashir I, he became the first king of the Sasanian Empire.

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