Item #35287 Muhammad Hassan Khan Qajar (AH 1163-1172) Silver Rupi, Rasht mint 1171 AH (1758) SCARCE, KM 504, Album 2827, good VF,

World Coins -  Item #35287 Muhammad Hassan Khan Qajar (AH 1163-1172) Silver Rupi, Rasht mint 1171 AH (1758) SCARCE, KM 504, Album 2827, good VF,
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Ruler's name & His Reign: Muhammad Hassan Khan Qajar (AD 1750-1759)

Mint: Rasht mint, 1171AH (AD1758) SCARCE COIN
Metal & Denomination: Silver Rupi (10-shahi), type A
Size: 23 mm.
Weight: 11.05 gr.

Obverse: The couplet: "be-zar sekkeh as meymant zad qaza/ be-nam-e Ali ebn-e Musa al-reza" with clear mint and date.

Reverse: the Shi'a legend.

Reference: Album # 2827 & KM #504.

Notes: Muhammad Hassan Khan Qajar was the head of Qajar family who was killed by Karim Khan Zand for being on the wrong side in a battle in the North of Iran. Agha Muhammad Khan, Muhammad Hassan Khan's son finally overthrown the Zand dynasty in the south of Iran and became the first Shah of Qajar. Even though Muhammad Hassan Khan never was a king, but he minted coins during his lifetime.

The Qajar Royal tribe is Turkoman in origin and claim descent from a certain Ka-An-Lo, through the daughter of Ka''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''an, a son of Genghis Khan. The tribe is divided into several branches of which the Devehlu (cameliers) and Quyunlu (shepherds) branches were the most important. The ruling house is descended from the latter. They came to prominence during the early 18th century, when the central authority in Persia had been weakened. Iran was a divided country with regional centers of power, ruled by different dynasties each in a state of continuous warfare with its neighbor. The Qajar chiefs switched their allegiances between the Afshars and the Zands through much of the century. Eventually they fell out with both. Tiring of playing kingmakers to others, Agha Muhammad, the head of the Quyunlu branch of the Qajar tribe, defeated and deposed the Afshar and Zand. He succeeded in wresting supreme power and united the Empire under his rule as Shahanshah. His successors ruled Persia until the coup d'etat of Reza Shah ousted Ahmed Shah and established the new Pahlavi dynasty in 1925. Cited from the Internet site:

For further information on Qajar family past and present, see Mr. Eskandari's excellent site:

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